A 20 minute downloadable recording by Ellen with 4 extra gratitude gifts.

GBP 8.99

A Virtual Voyage of Curiosity, Discovery & Joy

GBP 249.00

How to get more of what you want, more often

GBP 14.99

The complete book, read by Ellen. 'How to get more of what you want, more often' in 20+ easy to listen to mp3 chapters and as a complete downloadable podcast. PLUS 3 bonus gifts.

GBP 29.99

Monthly Global Membership Subscription

GBP 29.00

A mini intensive course with Ellen Watts

GBP 29.00

4 short mp3 lessons, each one is 5 - 15 minutes long taking you through the 4 steps of Cosmic Ordering with one specific goal in mind - to attract and keep the Love of your Life.  Plus a gorgeous guided meditation full of specially tailored affirmations to help overcome the limiting beliefs that may be standing in your way and holding your Order back. 

Also includes 3 downloadable pdf bonus gifts  -  The Love of your Life Ideal Partner Checklist, My Special Order Recorder and My lovely Gratitude Journal A4 page.

6 x 1 hour recorded masterclasses

GBP 149.00

I created & recorded this as a LIVE 6-week programme in Dec 2017  In it, I cover Cosmic Ordering for Youthfulness, Energy & Vitality, creating your Ideal Physical Body, Weightloss/Gain, Healthy Hair, Skin, Eyes, Flexibility & Flow and we finish off with Fun, Friends, Sex & Boost - such an exciting programme - it was just too good not to share! 

1 hour private session via Zoom (can be recorded for you)

GBP 175.00

A full day to focus on you, your book & your business - via Zoom with Ellen Watts

GBP 650.00

Get ready for a Year of Dreams Come True! - Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd Nov 2020

GBP 49.50