Just once (or occassionally twice) a year,  I organise a 7-day virtual retreat where we can all get together.  And this year it's going to be a Cosmic Cruise! 

A blissful break with like-minded people to relax, renew, rejeuvinate, review, reflect, restore and reset!  Plus, the opportunity to learn about Cosmic Ordering, the Law of Attraction, Vision boards and more with me, through AIMs, Poolside Coaching & Gorgeous Guided Imaginings! 

Tickets are £249 for all 7 days
(over 16 hours of LIVE call time plus all the replays to keep, so you can take the cruise again and again, whenever you need a restful retreat).  

cruise-ship-615116_1280 (1)

Each morning at 8am BST you can join me LIVE (via your computer, tablet or phone) for Morning AIMS.  (approx 30-40 mins) 

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Standing on the sun deck of our cruise ship is the most gorgeous place to do our morning AIMs with the warm breeze, the pink and golden of the sunrise and the ocean ripples sparking like a sea of diamonds.

AIMs(TM) is my very own special brand of morning rituals and I'm delighted to share them with you. - It stands for Affirmations & Intentions with Movements and it is a little bit like yoga in that it draws from nature and the world around us to provide movements that are both mindful, soulful and bodyful!  But I personally, think it's a lot more fun - plus it has sound too! 

It's really all about getting aligned for your day whilst building a strong, flexible and balanced body & mind.  And you don't need a big space or even a mat to do it as nearly all the moves are done standing up. 


Then at 1pm BST each day we'll meet on the Sundeck for Cocktails & Poolside Coaching! Bliss! 
(45 mins - 1 hour) 

Ahh - I love this part of the day.  Just imagine, we're lying on our sun loungers around the pool on the sun deck of our cruise ship.  You have your cocktail of choice and it's a beautiful day - the temperature is just right. 

And we can chat. It's beautifully informal and you can ask me anything you want to know about Cosmic Ordering, Vision boards, Limiting Beliefs, or maybe get a little coaching on your particular situation, like writing a book or starting a business or maybe you'd lioke to share your insights from that morning's AIMs or last night's guided imagingings- anything you like, anything you need.  Anything goes.

Just ASK! 

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Lastly at 6pm BST - Gorgeous Guided Imaginings - A Different Location Every Evening! 
(35 - 45 mins) 

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A rich, relaxing, healing & deeply experiencial guided meditation journey together, as we leave the cruise ship and venture ashore.

Where will we go this evening? - An ancient market place, or a temple, a secret cove, Rainbow Falls, or a swim to Miracle Island where we might have the chance to swim with dolphins and turtles. 

Wherever we go, we will have fun, meet other travellers, experience  interesting and insightful teachers, notice signs and make connections and have the opportunity to reflect and see things in a bright new way.

And you will always come home with a lesson, insight or special token to remember your adventure by. 

It will be magical. 

Our Cosmic Cruise sets Sail in .....

'See' you on the quayside for the virtual launch party!  We set sail at 6pm BST Sunday 14th June 2020 









Really want to come, but have a question for me first?
Sure, go ahead & ask!

Thanks for your question - I'll get back to you just as soon as I can. Love & best wishes, Ellen xx