My Extra-Special Virtual Vision Board Weekend

Get ready for a Year of Dreams Come True! - Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd Nov 2020

2020!! What a year it's been huh?

A year of change, a year where things have broken down, where values have been explored, realities challenged, commitments tested, compassion discovered, and new paradigms forged! 

A year of endings and of new beginnings, doors closed and doors opened, of tragedy and of celebration, of breakthroughs, heroes and heroines, of pivots, pirouettes and of fresh starts! 

And now what?  Whether you're feeling proud of yourself for what you've achieved or feeling a bit lost at sea, buffeted by the change, or like most of us, a little bit of both at the same time!....

It's time to take a step back, review the year, and get clear on what it all means for you and what you really want to do be, have and become in 2021.

The year of your best YOU - The year of no holding back! 

Yay - let's do it!!

Creating a Vision Board to help you get clear on what it is you really want is a great place to start.  Asking yourself the questions, Who do you want to be? and what do you want to have? where do you want to go? And who do you want to be with?  Vision boards on their own are extremely powerful but just imagine what happens when we add Cosmic Ordering into the mix!!  


I normally run this workshop twice a year (1 in Dec & 1 in Jan) as 1 one day event in my home. It's a wonderfully fun and creative day where we get hands-on creating your own board (or boards) and our own futures. But this year partly because off he social distancing restriction and partly because I wasn't to help and impact more people all around the world,  I'm going to be doing it online - so everyone can attend and we'll do it all LIVE together, as much like being in the room together as we possibly again.

Woohoo - I'm excited already! 

The price?

Now then, I  normally charge £99 for ONE day - and included in that  I provide a lovely lunch, and other homemade goodies AND I provide the boards, the magazines, glue, scissors, glitter etc!  

With the online version, you'll have to provide your own materials (don't worry, I'll send you a list of what you need before the start) and you'll have to sort out your own lunch and snacks - however...

On the plus side, we're going to do it over a whole weekend - starting on the Friday evening with some lovely getting ready exercises and finishing on Sunday lunchtime with a fabulous celebration and 'Cosmic Order placing' call. 

I think this is going to be AMAZING! 

PLUS - you're going to get recordings of all of the 6 x 1-hour sessions AND a week-long pop-up Facebook group if you'd like to connect and share your intentions with your fellow Visionaries! 

ALL this for the same price as my 1-day workshop would be AMAZING I think you'd agree but I'm going to super, super generous here because I really want to help as many people as possible and offer this weekend to everyone for HALF the price of the normal workshop which is the price my 'Returners' normally pay. 

So for just £49.50 - you'll get 6 LIVE online sessions - downloadable recordings of the sessions - PLUS - a week-long Facebook Playgroup to connect and share! 

Here are the LIVE call times - (NOTE these times are ALL GMT (London - UK) 

Friday 20th Nov

(1hr) - Welcome, introduction - The power of a Vision and what you'll need to get ready for your boards. 

Saturday 21st Nov 

10am - Creating your compelling vision, how to time-travel, limiting beliefs, more practical tips on how to create your boards - off we go!

1pm - group coaching - questions, shares, updates, and more teaching from me about creating your board.

6pm - back together - how are you doing? questions, shares, insights,  

Sunday 22nd Nov 

10am - group coaching - questions, shares, updates, and more teaching from me about creating your board

1pm - fabulous celebration call and how to place your Orders when you put up your boards and making it all happen! 

I'm so looking forward to you joining us! 
Love & best wishes 
Ellen xx

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