Fabulous Freebies

Let's face it, we all like a little something for nothing, but if like me you've been brought up to believe there's no such thing as a free lunch, you might be a little sceptical of asking for, and accepting, wonderful gifts with no strings attached. 

So let me help you with that - this page is filled with totally free goodies with my compliments, given with love,  that may just help you get over that particular limiting belief so that you can enjoy the fun and the thrill of all the free stuff that the Universe has to offer.

Enjoy xx 

AdobeStock_130316684 free gift for you with love

Here's a good place to start - a free pdf chapter of my book 'Cosmic Ordering Made Easier - How to get more of what you want more often' - it's called, (you'll never guess) ....

Chapter 5
The 'Something for Nothing' Stories 

And I hope it just shows you what's possible when you dare to Order past your conditioning. 

Just click on this link to download your free chapter (no email address required).  

Cosmic Ordering Made Easier - Chapter 5 - The something for nothing Stories.pdf 

30 Cosmic Ordering Tips Videos

Yay - I'm so excited to be able to share these videos with you on my site! 

I recorded these 30 tips videos beck in 2014 as a bit of a celebration of having just been awarded Author of the Year 2014 at the 'Women Inspiring Women national awards'. And also to win the Expert Authority Challenge (long story - but I did indeed win it! Yay!) 

Anyway, delighted now thanks to my new, wonderful website to be able to post them direcly here for you enjoy, without YouTube contasntly popping ads up or telling you that you should watch videos on reducing tummy fat or age lines!!

Here's Tip 1 - Enjoy! xx 

This is a lovely Q & A I did with Aimee Serafini, host of the Telesummit Happivize - we had a lot of fun talking about Cosmic Ordering a Beautiful New You - which is a programme I wrote just for her audience - but we also went off tangent and answered lots of questions about all sorts of things you can use Cosmic Ordering for! - It's just over 45 mins long - so grab a coffee and enjoy xx 

At the end of 2018 I took part in a Community Book Project and along with around 100 other authors, I wrote a page about my perspective of gratitude.  All of the authors contributed their piece for free and the editor and leader of the project gave their time for free. And for as long as Amazon would allow us, we gave the finished book away for free too. 

From that project, a calendar was created with some wonderful pictures and quotes all around gratitude. It was given as a gift to all the authors, to give as a gift to our readers. What a super idea, I loved it - so I'm passing on the love and sharing it with you here now.  Just click on this link to download it as a pdf. 

Gratitude.Calendar 2019.pdf

Enjoy xx 

gratitude calendar 2019

I did this super interview with Darius Barazandeh the host of You Wealth Revolution.  It's about 2 hours long, and we cover some really fun aspects of Cosmic Ordering - so grab youself a cuppa and enjoy. 

And they'll be plenty more following soon,
so be sure to keep visiting.