Watts Going On!



Too many of the stories we tell ourselves that negatively impact our capacity for joy come from the media.

Bad news, tragedy & drama abound everywhere and whether we realise it not, these stories permiate our dreams, our hopes, our expectations of ourselves, and others, and increase our capacity for blame, shame, envy and resentment.

All of these lower our vibration and 
ultimately erode our self-esteem, our energy, our happiniess and even our health.

In this little blog of mine - I aim to address that balance. 

So read on - it's ALL GOOD! 



10 Must-haves for a Wonderful Website


Your website is like your home, when it looks good and everything works as it should you feel proud of it and want to share it and show it off, invite people in and make them feel at home.  You feel comfortable there and want your visitors to feel the same. Your (business) home says heaps about you, your personality, how you live and what's important to you. 

And I know you'll want your lovely visitors to feel welcome, safe and at home in your house, not confused, lost, unsure, unwelcome or awk…

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