Just £99 for the whole week
PLUS all the recordings are yours to keep
So you can cruise again whenever you want.

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The Co-Creator's Club Cosmic Cruise

A week long Virtual Voyage of Curiosity, Discovery & Joy

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What I really wanted was to create something that was accessable to everyone, so we could all come together and enjoy the benefits of a focused, relaxing, learning retreat without the expence, the travel, the time commitment etc....

And the inspiration came!

I created a virtual retreat, almost everything you'd get on my real retreat (although a little imagination might be called upon for somethings) and I launched it with my Co-Creator's Club members - it was an instant hit. 

 So much so, that I've decided to do it again and inspired by an actual cruise I'm going on (& speaking on)  in May with the ladies of Live, Laugh, Love, I've created this wonderful Virtual Voyage for us all to experience and learn together.  

And this time, it's open to everyone. 

All for just £99!

So get your cabin pass and boarding card and bring your floppy hat and shades for a Cosmic Cruise to remember! 

Bon Voyage

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Here's what to expect on your Cosmic Cruise

3 LIVE calls a day - each will be recorded and posted in the Cruise Lounge shortly after the event so you can listen again, anytime you like. 

Every Morning - 8am BST
Approx 30 minutes 

Morning 'AIMs'TM Classes
(Afirmations & Intentions & Movements)
We come together to greet the new day and set our personal intentions, expectations and energy
for the day. 

'Every morning, we are born again.
What we do today matters,
how we are, matters more
what we feel, matters most.'
Ellen Watts 

Let TODAY's adventure begin! 

Every Lunchtime  - 1pm BST
Approx 1 hour 

Poolside ChatsTM 
 Sipping virtual cocktails (or whatever takes your fancy) on the top deck on a lounger by the pool

What better place to discuss what's on your mind. In this call you can ask me anything, get a little advice, share a story or a success, ask about the AIMS or last night's meditation or share your own wisdom with others in the group.

Every Evening - 6pm BST 
Approx 45mins

Gorgeous Guided ImaginingsTM
Full of discovery & deeply personal insights, each evening, we will leave our cruise ship and travel by local transport to  visit wonderful places, see spectacular views, meet fascinating people, experience different cultures and ways of life, taste esquisite food, sample local beverages, shop at market places and curiosity shops and turn our hand to local crafts.

And every where we go, we'll find, clues, guides, truths, messages & answers
along the way.

 Just £99 for the whole week
PLUS all the recordings are yours to keep
So you can cruise again whenever you want.

Come and join us!