A poem for you


Art quote - think big poem

Download your gift for today here - Think Big Poem - poster and journal page.pdf


About your gift 

I love this poem. The first time I heard it was at a day about living authentically run by my dear frind Akasha Lonsdale about 25 years ago and she read it out at the end of a beautiful meditation of her creating.  I was lying there, so peaceful, so relaxed, that this poem bypassed my normal critical brain and touched my soul. And and by the end of it I was sobbing - huge deep, gulping sobs and I knew it was time for me to stop playing small. 

And in 2012 when I wrote Cosmic Ordering Made Easier, I included this poem at the back as a thank you to Marriane and to Akasha and in the hope that it might touch some one else in the same way it touched me. 

And for the same reason, I share it again today with you. This time as a beautiful art quote poster that I first made for the Get it Sorted 8 week programme. I hope you love it. It's surrounded by roses and butterflies - both hugely symbolic to me for their transformative messages (if you like, I'll share my thoughts on those with you another day as another gift).

For now, just click on the pdf link to download and you will see you have two pages - one as a poster and one again for those who'd like to add it to their home made journal so there's a clear margin down the left side for the binding and some space underneath for you to write your reflections of how you are going to think and act bigger TODAY! 

Enjoy you gift.
Lots of love, Ellen xx