Your Virtual Vision Board Weekend - Jan 2022

Session 1 - Getting Ready - Visualising your Year and Preparing your Board.

Session 2 - The Just Before Lunch Q & A  Session 

Session 3 -  Sharing our boards, What to do when your put your board up & how to use it going forward. 

And here are the 3 cards I pulled during your Virtual Vision Board Weekend. If you want to download them as a pdf so you can cut them out and include them on your board - you can do that here:- 
Virtual Vision Board Weekend - 3 chosen cards - Jan 2022.pdf

vision board cards

I really hope you enjoyed creating your Vision Board with me!
Here's to a Happy, Healthy & Wealthy 2022 that's just the way you really want it to be - because that's the way you've designed it!

Remember to come and share your board, your insights & your questions in
The Co-Creator's Club FB support group - we'd all love to hear what you've planned. 
And sharing it can also help us to make more sence of things and hold us more accountable to take the next steps. Speaking it into being! 
Have fun! 
Love & best wishes 
Ellen xx

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