The Co-Creator's Club

A monthly LIVE Masterclass and a monthly LIVE group coaching call LIVE with Ellen. 
PLUS unlimited access to a super Club Vault (online portal) with all the recordings of past masterclasses and coaching calls for the last 2 years!!
VIP discounts on LIVE programmes. 
FREE entry in fun events & challenges.  
 AND a Secret Facebook Group Community for global support & cheering on! 









Just what you Ordered?

I thought so!

Me too!!

You see, I created this lovely membership after a group of students graduated from my first online programme 'A Course in Cosmic Ordering'.  We just had so much fun, raised so much energy and had such wonderful results during the course, that by the end of it the students just didn't want me to leave and they literally begged me to keep the secret Facebook group, that had gone hand-in-hand with the programme, open for them. 

At first, I'm going to be honest with you, I refused. I know how much energy & support I put into the group, and I explained I couldn't just keep that going, as I would need it for my next project and it was better to have proper closure than for it to fizzle because my attention was now onto another group and another programme. 


Eventually though, I listened, and I realised that this was a real need, the need to be supported, to connect and share with
like-minded people around the world on a similar journey and
I realised that I wanted to be a part of that too.

In fact it was funny, because I'd put a Cosmic Order intention for the Year to launch a global membership that year and here I was being offered it on a plate and I was not seeing that it was my answer because it didn't look like I thought it would.

When I finally realised the Universe was being super clever in arranging exactly what I'd asked for - I woke up and said YES! 


The Co-Creator's Club launched with a bang with that first group of students. 

And now The Co-Creator's Club is open to you too.

Read on to find out more about what's included, or just dive right in with the 14 day free trial and find out for yourself by being a part of it! 

I know that together, we can create a better world for ourselves and in the process, make ourselves better for the world.  


Here's what's included in your lovely membership....

And this is just the begining, because the more the group grows, the more things we'll co-create together to make it even better.  

Monthly LIVE Masterclasses 

Every month we go deep into a topic that the group wants to explore.  And if you can't make it LIVE the recordings are stored in the Clubhouse Vault for you to watch whenever you want. 

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls 

I love doing these. Call in or attend on your PC, phone or tablet and ask me anything! From simple questions to indepth coaching, it's a great opportunity to get the help you need. 

Access to The Clubhouse Vault

Over 20 great recordings of LIVE Masterclasses  & 20 replays of LIVE group coaching calls are stored in your Clubhouse for you to watch or listen
to at any time, while you are a member. 

Special VIP Discounts 

Seriously good discounts off all sorts of things, like £65 off private Cosmic Coaching sessions with me
(£100 instead of £165). 

Free Entry to Fun Events & Challenges

At least 3 times a year I have an inspiration to run something fun, like a LIVE  Vision Board Weekend Workshop or my gorgeous online Advent Calendar with a special gift behind every door from 1st through 25th.  These are all free for members who are paid up for that month.  

Members Directory & Online Forum 

to meet, connect & co-create with members all over the world. 
Plus, we have a closed Facebook group community support group for those who enjoy that, you'll need to be a paying member to get in but once you've been a member you are always welcome to stay in there, even if you let your paid
membership lapse.  

Membership is pay as you go, one month at a time, so you can hop on and off as you wish or just relax and enjoy all the benefits month in, month out. 

And with the free 14 day trial you can try it all out and get along to at least one LIVE event and if you don't love it, just cancel before the end of the 14 days and you will be charged nothing - no questions asked and no problem at all. 

Mind you, I think you can create a lot in 14 days - so I'm hoping by the end of it, you'll want to stay and hang out with me and a bunch of pretty awesome people from all around the world, on a mission to make things better in their lives, the lives of those around them and who knows, maybe, just maybe, the world. 

Ellen blue dress tounched up 1

But why not give the 14-day free trial a go? You'll have access to the Vault right away so you can watch classes on Comic Ordering for Health, Wealth, Relationships, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & more.  Plus you'll get into at least one of the monthly LIVE events so you can come & ask your questions LIVE. 

Even if you only want a private session with me, it's worth signing up for the £65 discount!  You'll get access to the closed FB group right away too, so you can start making friends & finding out what it's like to be an Amazing Co-Creator! 

And if anytime during the 14 days you decide it's not for you, just set your account 'not to renew' and it will naturally end after 2 weeks with nothing to pay! 

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