The Story of the 3 Wise Men as I understood it!

Happy 5th December! 

The Story of the Three Wise Men - A new version 

 3 wise men

You know, when the Bible was first written, of course many of the stories, including the ones around Jesus's birth had already been around for sometime, passed on by word of mouth, told from person to person. And like Chinese Whispers, I often wonder if one or two things just might have been heard wrong or misinterpreted.  It is one such possiblity that I would like to expore with you today. The gifts of the 3 wise men. We have always been told that the Magi, the wise men from the East, brought Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh for the New King. And fine gifts they are indeed, but really, how useful are they, really?  Were they really the best choice to set a little baby boy up for life, were the Wise Men really so wise? OR could the gifts have been something else? something much more profound? But as the story was passed though common minds and tongues, could the profoundness of them have been swapped for more obvious material things by ears that heard what they expected to hear. I think perhaps so....

Let's explore that thought, what if.... What if instead of Gold, Frankincence and Myrrh, what the wise men actually gave to baby Jesus was Bold Frank-in-sence and Mirth.  Gifts not just for Jesus, but gifts for us all, for all man (and woman) kind for ever more - gifts that would ease our burdens and serve us to live our best lives.  Let's imagine that were true for a moment and imagine these gifts divinely given to you too - today - right now for you to use to live your best life. 


Courage and boldenss of the heart to stand up for what's right, to DO what's right. To walk forward in times of fear and to own who you are. This gift of BOLD will never leave you, you may draw on it whenever you need it. Wear it like a cloak and it will shield you when you need to step up and be seen and heard. 

Frank-in -sence

A deep sence of the Truth and knowing the right thing to do & say. Honesty, frankness, the desire & ability to always speak the truth, your truth. Integrety, reliability and dependability will be yours with this gift and it will serve you well.  This gift of Frank-in-sence, knowing what's right, when combined with your first gift of Bold, the courage to do it,  will make you an unstoppable force for GOOD! 


The gift of laughter, of a light heart and a cheery disposition. This gift will bring you joy and friendship - It will allow you to see the light and even funny side of all things! And you've been given an endless supply, so feel free to share this gift with all you meet, it will ease your day and theirs and give you the wings of angels (for we all know that angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!)   Compassion, empathy and connection are yours when you use this gift and it will make your journey and serious task of saving the world a lot more fun!  Laugh and the world laughs with you - with this gift you will never be alone, and the heart & vibration it brings will make you attractive for all other gifts that you desire. Just ask. 

There, can you see how they would have been much more useful gifts? To me, they make so much more sence than the material things Gold Francincese and Myrrh as lovely as those are. I think that those made sence to the people at the time, so when they heard the story the gifts became morphed into what we traditionally hear now. But you and I - I think we know a truth now and we can enjoy the gifts we've been given today and from this day forward. 

Enjoy xx

About your Gift

Today's gift is a story, a Christmas Story, it's an old one that's told as part of THE Christmas Story all over the world but many years ago maybe as many at 20 and way before FB and twitter, I had the thought that I've shared with you today, I wrote it down as a story, printed it off and sent it to all my clients in their Christmas cards.

Filed on a computer that has long since gone to cyber heaven, and with no paper traces to be found, I had to start again from scratch with just the 3 words (gifts) that have never left me. It was fun to recreate it this for you and I hope you will not take any offence at my tinkering with the Good Book, rather just take the messages and the gifts and explore what their inclusion might do for you and your life right now. 

As always, I would absolutely love to know what you thought, how you felt and what you will do with your gifts. Please share in the FB group or ping me back a little email if you're not in the group.  Thank you xx