Vision Board & Cosmic Ordering 1-Day Workshop

Sat 21st March 2020, 10.30am -3.30pm - Blunsdon, Wiltshire, UK

I love spring - don't you? All of nature coming out of its slumber and bursting forth into the world. It's a time of great energy and abundance and it's the perfect time to be harnessing that natural energy, and listening to (and acting on) our own natural urges to grow!

To do, be and have more of what we really want in our lives, to become more of who we really are and who we really want to be!! 

That's what creating a Vision board is all about and spring is a perfect time to put your Visionboard together and get some Cosmic Ordering and Co-Creation into the mix to make sure it happens!

Seeing your Vision spring into life!! 

In this lovely fun and informative workshop, I'll be helping you get clarity on what you really want for your life (which also step one for great Cosmic Ordering)  and then you'll be making your own A3 board to take home and put up. 

I'll provide everything you need, all the materials, board, magazines, scissors, glue, plus all sorts of gorgeous extras! 

I'll also provide a lovely homemade lunch and refreshments through the day - so you can concentrate on you and your dreams. 

I'll show you how to create your vision, how to make your board, how to Cosmic Order what's on your board and how to use your board every day to co-create the life you really want! 

It's an amazing day that can change your life - for GOOD! 

I have plenty of room and materials for 10 lovely ladies to build gorgeous vision boards.  And they'll be plenty of time during the day to ask questions and get some individual attention and coaching if you need it too. 

Can't wait to spend the day with you.

Ellen xx

Date - Sat 21 March 2020 

Time 10.30am - 3.30pm 

Venue - My home in Blunsdon, Wiltshire, UK (I'll send you my address and directions when you book).

Warning - this workshop may cause miracles! 

Vision boards on their own are extremely powerful but just imagine what happens when we add Cosmic Ordering into the mix!!  


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