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Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me - Live Lucky Challenge with Ellen Watts

How much Luck can you handle?


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Funnily enough, luckiness is not a matter of luck, it's a matter of choice, skill, energy & vibration. In other words, you can learn how to be lucky and I can show you how. 

So now the question becomes - just how much luck can YOU handle!!!??

In just 3 weeks I'll show you how you can lift your vibration, model lucky people, connect more deeply with universal intelligence, activate your reticular filter to spot opportunities and be ready and aligned to accept and feel comfortable in your new lucky life. 

Here's what you'll get in your 3 weeks to take you on your Luckiest Journey so Far!

3 x weekly 1 hour LIVE masterclass Training with Ellen 

(Plus the MP4 recordings to keep and watch again & again) 

These highly interactive sessions will show you how step, by step how to become a lucky person with the ability to ask for what you want next, in the moment and also just experience the serenditious good fortune that surrounds the luckiest of lucky people.

Even when things around you are looking rough, you'll have the ability to create your own bubble of extradordinary luck and an abundance of good fortune - and of course, the nice thing is that when your cup runneth over, you'll be in that wonderful position to share your luck with others too if you wish. 

All the live sessions will be recorded and you will have access via a gorgeous portal so you can listen to all or parts of it again and again. 

3 PDF playbooks to go with your masterclasses 

These beautifully designed workbooks with journalling space are the perfect companion to the live intensives masterclasses. 

Allowing you time to reflect on your experiments, notice your patterns and see the improvements as you go along.

You can work through them in your own time too & print off fresh copies to use again and again, any time you like. Making them ideal for when you came back to the programme again in the future and each time you do you'll be learning more and stepping up your lucky game even further. 

Keeping a record of your successes will also raise your vibration and speed up your abundance mechanisms. 

3 x weekly LIVE coaching calls with Ellen 

Oh my goodness this is where the magic happens! A chance to chat with me directly & ask, share anything about what's happening or not happening in the programme for you and get personal advice
& tweaks from me. 

And as you listen to others sharing their successes & asking the questions that get deep into the heart of clearing the blocks & aligning to the vision of the lucky person you want to be - you will be moved forward & upwards too. 

So often we can see things so clearly in other people that we can't see in ourselves, so group coaching helps everyone by answering the questions you need to hear.

Every week is inspiring, uplifting and life changing!

And if you can't make the LIVE session you can send your questions in advance and I will answer them on the call for you. So you can hear them in the the recording. 



Daily Inspirational Quote, Affirmation, Excercise or Gift Delivered DAILY to your inbox 

Oh boy oh boy!! We all love a nice surprise & this is what you're going to get each day of the challenge!

A little treat every day direct from me.  A tiny little something to lucky up your day and get you in the right vibe. 

Baby steps, taken every day,
will get you where you want to go!

And I'll even pop them all in your Lucky Lounge too so you can access them again, whenever you want & download as needed.

Oooooh!!  You are sooooo Lucky!!  

Your Lucky Lounge 

This is what we're going to call your Online Portal - it's where all your recordings of the live masterclasses & live group coaching sessions will live, so you can access them again & again. 
Giving yourself a lucky boost whenever you need it! 

Plus, during the live programme it will also have an area for group discussion & questions that are specific to the modules & excercises, which I will be able to see & answer. It's a great way of connecting with your fellow lucky citizens around the world too and perhaps find yourself a Lucky Buddy to share experiences and insights with.

* It's 'forever' in the sence of it will be yours to access for as long as I own the platform. When I'm ready to give it all up (not anytime soon) - I'll let you know in good time, so you can download anything you want to keep longer.  

A Tiny Daily Challenge in the Co-Creator's Club Facebook group.

I'll also be posting our little challenges each day in our Co-Creator's FB group* for those who enjoy their social media. It's a great way of sharing and cheering each other on and keeping you focused so that everyday counts, moving you towards that Lucky,
Confident, Abundant person you wish to be. 

Plus, it's just a whole lot of fun! The Co-Creators are a super, super group from all around the world and you will find much love
& high energy in there!** 

Oh and there may be some prizes too if you're LUCKY!! 

* You'll automatically be invited to join the FB group when you purchase this or any other LIVE programme from me. 

** Joining the Facebook group is entirely optional and you will not miss out on any information if you choose not to join in.  Just some fun prizes and surprizes and a whole lot of Co-Creator Connections xx

Pricing options

Pick the price option that best fits your needs:

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Single Payment


just once

Here's what you'll get- 

  • A launch/welcome/orientation webinar 

  • 3 x weekly Masterclasses 

  • 3 x pdf playbook/journals

  • 3 x weekly LIVE group coaching sessions

  • Daily inspiration notes in your inbox

  • Tiny Fun Facebook challenges

  • The chance to earn rewards & win prizes!

  • Your Lucky Lounge - A 'forever' Online Portal

Spread the cost

3 x Weekly Payments


per week

Here's what you'll get- 

  • A launch/welcome/orientation webinar 

  • 3 x weekly Masterclasses 

  • 3 x pdf playbook/journals

  • 3 x weekly LIVE group coaching sessions

  • Daily inspiration notes in your inbox

  • Tiny Fun Facebook challenges

  • The chance to earn rewards & win prizes!

  • Your Lucky Lounge - A 'forever' Online Portal.