Welcome to my 'All my links in one place' Page

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Hello  ,  and thank you for stopping by to check me out. 

Over time, I've accumulatied a lot of links, websites, sales pages, social media, links to my diary for various types of introduction calls, special offers, waiting lists and the the like and I found I was losing track, let alone the fun and games of trying to find the right one and surrupticiously paste it into the Zoom call chat whilst not missing out on what the speaker was talking about.  

So, here's my nifty solution (actually it was my lovely friend Dawn's suggestion - but I think it's brilliant and so I'm copying it!)

Below are all the links you might ever want from me - all in one place!
Good for me, good for you, good for the speaker on Zoom! 

Hope you find what you want and look forward to connecting, one way or another very soon  - Ellen xx