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Cosmic Cruise 23rd - 30th March

The Co-Creator's Club Cosmic Cruise

Last year, I ran my very first 'virtual retreat'. It started because I was aware that not everyone would be able to come to my first ever ACTUAL Cosmic Retreat in Greece. 

Time, finances, aversions to travel and of course limited space at the villa meant some people would be disappointed. And one thing I don't like is to disappoint.

So.... I created a virtual retreat, almost everything you'd get on my real retreat (although a little imagination might be called upon for somethings) and launched it with my Co-Creator's Club members - it was an instant hit. 

So I've decided to do it again and inspired by an actual cruise I'm going on (& speaking on)  in May with the ladies of Live, Laugh, Love, I've created this wonderful Virtual Voyage for us all to experience and learn together.  

And this time, it's open to everyone. 

So get your cabin pass and boarding card and bring your floppy hat and shades for a Cosmic Cruise to remember! 

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