Happy Birthday to us!


I can hardly believe it, but Aug 2018 marks The Co-Creator's Club's first birthday! 

1 whole year ago since I gave in to the lovely (and persistent) students in my 'A Course in Cosmic Ordering'  secret FB group.  You see they enjoyed the interaction and the support so much that they wanted the group to stay open, even after the live, 6-week programme was over and I was firm about my answer - it was no.

You see, I couldn't keep up that level of energy in there as I'd done in the previous 6 weeks, and I knew if I felt that if I left the group to itself it would gradually fizzle, and that would be a shame. I felt it would be better for them to have closure.

But they kept on, even asking that if I really couldn't stay, then perhaps I could appoint a couple of admins & they would 'carry on without me!'

Without me?

Well, that woke me up!! 

You see, the funny thing is, I'd put an Order in at the beginning of the year to create a global online membership and here was one being handed to me on a plate, but what I was seeing was students who needed to accept that their programme was over (I fascinate myself  sometimes with how long it can take me for the penny to drop!) 

And the reason I'm sharing this is because I know I'm not the only one. How many times do we put an Order in, and just because it doesn't look exactly the way we thought it would, we can't see what's right in front of us as our answer. It takes awareness, it takes alignment, and it takes a willingness to hold our preconceived idea to one side for long enough to see the possibility in what we're being offered.

Lucky for me I did on this occasion, a Cosmic Order went in for the technology that would allow me to set up a membership site quickly, it came, I did and the rest, as they say, is history! 

I year on, 100 + members, 12 live monthly masterclasses, 12 monthly live group coaching calls and a whole lot of Orders come in! 

So this week, as you put your Orders in for the 'What', try to let go of any expectation of 'How' it might arrive, stay aware, stay aligned and stay awake - eyes and ears everywhere with excited anticipation so you don't miss it! 

And Happy Birthday my lovely Co-Creator's - I wonder what we'll get up to this year ;-) 


I sure am glad you chose to stay with us!  Thank you!!

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Aww thank you Teresa and I'm very glad that you're here with us now xx 

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I am glad you decided to stay on too, if you hadn't I would have missed it.  It is such a brilliant idea Ellen.

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Ahh thank you Maggie - and I really must get around to writing more blog posts for you all ;-) xx

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